1. Anonymous said: I only have a phone. no website. sorry

    Email them to me?

  2. Jack Frost Colored

    Okay still doesn’t look like him, Feel like I’m missing something…
    BUT Whatever okay! I’m not Da Vinci.
    Did my best and this is all you get. Psh.

    Ps: This is a tribute to one of my favorite animated movies! If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now!

    Feedback welcome (And needed)


  3. Anonymous said: Is it possible you could text me? I want some feedback on my work! My number is 302 413 7306

    Is there somewhere I can see it?

  4. Anonymous said: Wanna play black ops 2 sometime?

    I’m sorry, I don’t own a Xbox or a Ps3

  5. You know those movies that are so beautiful that you get goosebumps?
    You well up inside. You want to cry but you can’t because you are just too happy.
    Movies that make you glad to be a part of this world.
    ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ is one such movie.


  6. Jennifer Lawrence 
    She pretty.

    Spent 4.5 hours on her goddamn hair. 
    Frikkin goldilocks.


  7. Stopmotion video of me drawing Emma Stone. 
    This took ages.


  8. Emma stone ♥
    It’s been ages since I painted…
    Still rusty.
    I messed up her hair and did a lot of Smudging on the edges.. \:
    But I perfected the eyes :3

    Tell me what you think ^^


  9. Can’t find any inspiration to draw.

  10. I am going to make a stopmotion video of my next drawing :)
    Because many people could not believe these as drawings.
  11. Megan fox.
    She is Smoking hot. 
    And this is before the surgeries so, yea. 


  12. Anonymous said: How long ago did you first start digitally painting? The Hayley Williams was your first.. how long ago did you paint it?

    Around an year ago. Last december I think, don’t remember. \:

    Also, I can’t paint on paper or canvas. More difficult.
    On the computer I can undo and play around with the colors to my hearts content.

  13. archrono said: Do you use the colour picker for you paintings? I'd recommend making your colour palette first (value scales of the main colours you see and mixing the warm and cool variations) then painting instead. It'll make them look less like photos. That, or just tweak the photos so they're not so high contrast. The key to a good painting isn't so it looks like a photo, it's so it looks better. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you :D I shall try that in the next painting :)
    The thing is, I am used to painting like this, I have been doing it since a long time now. So it will be quite hard for me to change my style. 

  14. hammn said: I want to see how you paint your stuff! Do you have a progression pictures? :D

    Sadly I don’t :c
    It takes way too long then \:

  15. Anonymous said: paint nanalew? :3

    I shall see anonymous.